• Choose a Telemedicine Platform

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  • Is Blockchain the Savior for Healthcare?

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  • How Do You Educate Your Patients About Plant-Based Diets?

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  • Let's Get Personal!

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  • How Big Data & Predictive Analytics are Diagnosing Eye Disease Faster

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  • The Role of Genetic Testing in Ophthalmic Practices

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  • The Growth of Specialty Care in Optometric Practices

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  • How Big Tech is Invading Eye Care

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  • A Role for Virtual & Augmented Reality in Healthcare

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  • What is the Future of Contact Lenses & Optometry?

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  • Navigating Through Acquisitions, Mergers & Consolidation

    Navigating Through Acquisitions, Mergers
  • What's Driving Telemedicine in Eye Care

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  • Advocating the Message of Optometry

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  • A New Year: Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • How to Find the Best Technology for your Practice

  • Artificial Intelligence & Eye Care

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  • A New 2019 Diet: Skinny Insurance Plans & Optometry

  • What Lies Ahead for Optometry with the Repeal of Net Neutrality

  • Have You Read the Fine Print - A "Must Know" About Contracts

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