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Dr. Bryan M. Rogoff is an experienced business management/operations consultant & respected legislative advocate in the ophthalmic industry who is sought after in the public & private sectors. He works with private practices & industry partners, including the FDA Medical Devices Advisory Committee where he provides expertise regarding product safety, technical execution and consumer need. In addition, Dr. Rogoff is published author & noted international speaker on topics such as practice management, emerging technologies & holistic healthcare reform.




Dr. Rogoff combines his experience and education which stems from industry insight & his exposure to the ongoing changes, and needs of patients, doctors & healthcare providers. Busy practices are challenged to research, implement & execute the latest, most efficient best practices to increase return on investment (ROI), while decreasing expenses.  A comprehensive perspective on broad healthcare, operational & clinical practices, resulting in customized solutions streamlined and packaged to meet your needs. ​



With his experience in the corporate & private sectors, as well as legislatively as Past-President of the Maryland Optometric Association & Federal Keyperson of the American Optometric Association, Dr. Rogoff has accomplishments which include: reducing employee turnover;

increased sales 300% by procuring best-in-class price & service; generated 30% increase of revenue by improving clinical operations; balanced budgets both for & non profit organizations; successfully launched new products & services to market; increased membership 13% of non-profit groups; brokered private practice transactions; and more!

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What Eye Exec Can Do For You

What We Do

EyeExec Consulting is a comprehensive ophthalmic, healthcare & business consulting group that works with change-oriented executives, current & future practice owners to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver sustainable success!


Eye-Exec Consulting focuses on clients most critical issues & opportunities:

Strategic Management, Digital MarketingOrganizational Growth & DevelopmentClinical Operations using Six Sigma Lean Processing, Emerging TechnologiesTelemedicineAdvanced Analytics, Technology ImplementationFinancial AnalysisEntrance & Exit Strategies, Practice Appraisals, & Recruitment.


Dr. Rogoff's experience provides a unique approach to traditional change management that helps ALL clients measure & manage risk to overcome odds to realize results!


Eye-Exec utilizes Data Analytics, Clinical Operations & Advocacy to improve Profitability!

  • Dr. Rogoff's background & experience creates bold & innovative solutions that work pragmatically for your whole organization, which focuses on breakthrough & enduring results

  • The status quo is not an option! Dr. Rogoff will help you define a new future for your practice and organization.

  • Dr. Rogoff is passionate, collaborative and straightforward with his clients! Caring is a core value & he treats your business as if it were his own.

  • Dr. Rogoff works directly alongside his clients uniquely & effectively to create your organization's ideal team.

  • It is all about the journey of driving results! Dr. Rogoff focuses on what's most important of his clients, anticipating risks & barriers, to find unique opportunities to optimize change management.

Why Choose Eye-Exec Consulting

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Why Choose Eye-Exec
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